Day 55

Day 55

Today was a last minute effort, and an experimental one at that.  I created this picture using an app called Light Camera.  It allows you to experiment with the aperture and exposure time.  This picture was created using a tea light candle inside of a colored glass jar.  It’s…interesting.

I had a rather busy day today.  It started with a second interview at Starbucks (things look great…), followed by lots of study time.  Also, my peaceful vacation ended today, so I had to pack up all my stuff before class.  Then, headed up to Gainesville for my final exam…fingers crossed I did well!  :)

Funny story about school.  We have a whole 2 weeks off before the next semester starts (I know…not long enough), and I was looking forward to NOT thinking about school.  Well, I see an announcement that the professor for next semester is planning on sending out the syllabus in the next couple days.  Which means, for those of you not in nursing school, I get to start doing homework in “the next couple days”.  Yay.  Not.  I guess I have to bite the bullet and order my $370 worth of books now.  Boo.

On another note, I start at Sprouts tomorrow.  7 AM…eww.

I’ll have to get used to this thing I’ve heard people talking about.  Something about going to bed before 11pm…strange I know.  All in good time I suppose.  :)

There have been so many good things happening lately, and I’m so grateful for all of them.  My photography is stretching and growing.  I’ve got more jobs than I know what to do with.  Opportunities are around every corner, and I’ve got tons of people that love and support me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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