Day 52

Day 52

Another fun filled day descending, and then climbing back up a ridiculous amount of stairs.  Today, I headed up to Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville, GA.

On my last visit to Tallulah George, I met a fellow photographer who suggested I visit this place as well.  I’m glad I did.  :)  It was gorgeous!  Again with the steps though…  This trip down was 425 steps, followed by another 175 steps for a grand total of 600!  But the best part was yet to come, walking back up those 600 steps.  Wow.

It was completely worth it though.  I love being out in nature, and seeing sights that I don’t see everyday.  It allows me an opportunity to appreciate how beautiful the world around me is.  I’m able to take a moment out of my “every day life”, and relax, unwind, and be true to myself.  I don’t have anyone to answer to out there, except me.

The picture for today, in cause you were wondering, is a close up shot of a glass of soda.  :)

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