Day 42

Day 42

I have been working on putting together a photography portfolio for hours

Last minute scrambling is never fun, but a prospective photography job is worth the trouble.  :)  I reached out to my friends on Facebook today, asking if anyone knew of any job leads.  A new friend was exceptionally helpful.  He was shopping at JC Penny and noticed that the portrait studio was hiring.  After speaking with the studio manager, he contacted me and explain all the details that he had learned.

Wow…really?  Could I actually work at a photo studio?  Well…why not?!  Sure, I don’t have much “portrait” experience, but I’ve been wanting to grow as a photographer, and this seems like it would be a great opportunity.  So, I dug head first into my photos, trying to find the best ones and created a makeshift portfolio.  I’m sure it could be better organized, or more creatively put together…

But, I’ve got a portfolio!!!

I hope tomorrow goes well, and I hope I get a job soon.

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  1. Philip O'Brien
    Jul 24, 2014 @ 16:50:39

    Love the photos I have seen. If I was to offer one piece of advice that would dramatically improve them, I would suggest shooting your flowers and insect shots at sunset or sunrise as opposed to the middle of the day. The light is so much more helpful and even, colours are more vivid and everything just looks better through the lens. Other than that I think you are doing very very well.


    • brandiadamsphotography
      Jul 24, 2014 @ 17:01:44

      Thank you very much! I’ve heard about the sunrise/sunset lighting before and try to shoot then…but sometimes I only have a few minutes during the day. Thanks for the advice!


      • Philip O'Brien
        Jul 24, 2014 @ 17:09:06

        :-) its all down to a technical limitation of the camera. Whereas the human eye can see a great deal of dynamic range, cameras cannot. A camera can only normally see around + or – 2 stops from the midtones of a shot but the human eye is considered to be able to do + or – 12 stops. In essence the human eye is capable of HDR capture that a camera would need 4-5 pictures at different exposures to get the same range. At sunrise or sunset, this range between dark and light is often reduced (especially if the light source is not in the shot) and it makes captures more like the human eye sees and I guess that in turn just makes it more vivid and seemingly more real.

      • brandiadamsphotography
        Jul 24, 2014 @ 17:10:57

        Thats actually a great explaination. :)

      • Philip O'Brien
        Jul 24, 2014 @ 17:17:14

        My engineering degrees finally come in handy. :-)

  2. Nancy
    Aug 05, 2014 @ 20:36:44

    Great photo! Very professional!


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