Day 23

Day 23

Happy 4th of July!

Today started out pretty low key.  I didn’t have any plans for the holiday, just kinda playing it by ear.  Niki decided to head to a friends pool and I tagged along.  Not that I really wanted to swim (I may be a pisces…but I don’t really like to play in water).  :)  I decided it would be nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I brought my book and my camera and off we went.  That’s where I got this picture.

The afternoon was very relaxing and afterward we ran some errands and then headed to Niki’s friends house for a cookout.  Even though I didn’t know many people there it was still a good time.  Kinda made me miss my family though.  (Niki’s friends have a very large, close family)  We hung out there for a little while and then went to meet Amber for some firework watching.  Love fireworks!!  Again I was reminded of Florida as I thought of Siesta Beach’s great firework display.

All in all, fun day.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 22:54:50

    I’m glad you got to see the fireworks!! I did not…but I was telling some friends how we always went when you were little! Your family misses you too!!!!! xoxoxox
    Very interesting shoe pic! Is this your shoe…or a random partygoers?? : )


  2. Your Inner Art
    Jul 11, 2014 @ 15:00:39

    I really like this photo!


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