Day 11

Day 11

Niki and I revisited the Lion’s Club park again today to explore the trail further, this time with Leeloo.  We found out that the trail goes underneath Rockbridge, and we were both interested to see that.  Wow.  Did it go…and go…and go.  We ended up walking a lot further than expected, but it was a lot of fun.  I ended up taking many, many pictures (over 100 actually), and had a lot of fun.

There was a lot of interesting sights to see.  A small creek flowing under the bridge.  Wooden boardwalks that spanned for miles.  Bunny rabbits not afraid of people.  Flowers, trees, and more flowers.  Beauty all around and in all forms.  It was great.

Funny story about my picture of the day, though.  It wasn’t taken at that park.  :)  I actually took this picture in a parking lot.  I was driving around trying to find a restaurant and noticed these flowers.  I stopped my car, got out, and took a few pictures.  Love it!  Pic of the day.  Sometimes it’s like that.  I just know when I see it that that’ll be the subject for my photo.

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