Day 9

Day 9

Hmm…what to take a picture of today?  I didn’t go anywhere, so I decided to try and find something interesting to photograph inside the house.  Looking around the living room, I spotted a plastic gumball machine on top of the entertainment center.  Hmm…interesting.

Knowing the lighting inside the house would appear orange-ish, I took the gumball machine outside onto the porch for more of a “natural” feel.  I started by taking some pictures of the whole thing and ended up with a more close-up shot.

Interesting notes about this picture:  I wasn’t too excited about this picture.  It’s ok, but not my best.  Then, my friend on Facebook commented on how much she liked it and thought it would make a good puzzle.  Secondly, a few people mentioned how it looked like a ball-pit.  How fun!

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  1. Heather
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 22:50:51

    This one would make a good puzzle!! I agreee…..and now I want to do a puzzle! : ) Very cool pic : )


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