Year 2/Day 141


Loooooooooong day of driving today. 

We headed down to Florida from South Carolina.  It made more sense to go from there, then to drive all the way back home and leave from Atlanta.  So, that’s what we did.

It was my year to spend Christmas Day with the family.  Even though we had just seen my folks, grandma, and Dick in Altanta, it’s gonna be nice to spend time with the whole family.

Year 2/Day 130

Year 2 - Day 130

Will and I drove up to South Carolina today.  I was finally able to come up here with him and help work on clearing out his uncle’s apartment.  You see…he was a hoarder.  Like the hoarders TV show, hoarder.  With lots of dust…Luckily he only had a 1 bedroom apartment and not an entire house!

I had seen the pictures before today, but to actually see the place was an entirely different story.  Lots of work ahead.

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