Year 2/Day 17


Sometimes I wonder if you don’t pick your friends, instead they pick you.  Even if you’re not so sure at first.  One day you turn around and realize you’re going to miss the crap out of them once they leave. 

I’ve found that my closest friends are ones I can be my realist with.  I’m an emotional being, this I know.  I’ve been told I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  If I’m upset, I show it.  If I’m happy, you know it.

The day I realized you were my friend, and not just another coworker, was the day after I hated every part of you.  Now, in retrospect I realized that I didn’t actually hate you…I was just extremely frustrated with you.  You are a nut and that is why I can call you my friend.

Good luck girl.  Soak up that Florida sunshine, but don’t eat the corn.

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