Year 2/Day 12


Dead bug.  I don’t know why…

I was sitting outside waiting for a friend to pick me up and it was there.  So I snapped a picture.

Had fun with a friend from work today.  First we visited another coworker who just had a baby.  She was so tiny and beautiful!  Little hands, tiny fingers, adorible itty bitty feet…so. cute.

After that we did a little shopping and got some yummy bagels from Panera.

Once I got back home, Will and I drove by a few houses for rent.  Our lease is up the end of this month…so the hunt for a new place begins.  We found a couple that looked nice, and some that were an immediate No. 

Hopefully we can find a place that suits us.

Year 2/Day 8


I started working on another baby quilt for a girl at work…and stopped because I didn’t like it.  The colors just didn’t seem right to me.  Maybe it’s the yellowish green, not sure.  But after talking to some people at work, I suppose I’ll continue with it.

I also realized today that I have a fabric addiction.  Yes, my name is Brandi and I am a fabricaholic.  There’s even a shirt for me!


Haha.  No seriously…I have a problem… ;)

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