Day 358


Really?  A panic button?  These things are real?!

Will noticed this in the stairwell of the parking garage outside my doctors office.  What. The. Hell?

Luckily, we didn’t need to use it.  ;)  But that big red button does beckon you to push it…

Day 357


No picture taken today…too much homework.  I’ve been designated “leader” for a group project in my Community Health class…yay…

It’s a lot of work, but will hopefully pay off in the end.

(I created this image after the fact.)

Day 356


My life, for the next 7 months.

Bring it.

(Had a great Louie, pizza, rum/coke night…like old times)

Day 355


Work and homework today…nothing exciting.

Day 354


We had dinner with Will’s folks tonight at a Thai resturaunt. 


Day 353


It’s a mothy time of year.

Every time we open the front door, one of them sneaks in…only to die a few days later somewhere in the apartment.

Day 352


I finished my first quilt today, from start to finish!  I’m so happy that it turned out well.



It’s a small baby quilt for a friend at work.  She loved it! :)

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