Hey there! Starting 7/7/18 I’ll be joining in #100days100blocks2018 😊 and I’m super excited! I wanted to take a minute to share some thoughts.

I’ve had this book (Tula Pink’s City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks) for over a year and attempted this feat last year, but only managed to get to block 3 😕 So I’m trying again!

My goal is to be about a week ahead so I can post on time each week. It seems easy to sew one 6″ block per day…but there’s a lot more than just sewing the block. 🤔 You have to pick out fabric, cut said fabric, sew the block, iron, photograph, and then finally post your picture with appropriate captions/hashtags.

I’ve decided to number my blocks with these wonderful dominoes that were my great grandmother’s. It was after I inherited her old Husqvarna sewing machine that I began my journey into quilting. 💕 So this seemed appropriate.

Lastly, I love 100 day projects and my last few attempts haven’t worked out. So time to try again! Join me if you’d like #lunardreams100mqb or not! 🤣 I’ll be here regardless. Much love.
Thanks for reading.

#quilting #fabric #love #janome9400 #inamedhermona #scrapbusting #rainbows

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