Year 2/Day 206

Year 2 - Day 206

What a great day today was.  Will and I watched Deadpool at this amazing theater that had red leather recliners that were amazing.  Plus, the movie was awesome!

To end the night we headed back to Serenbe to see a fireside performance by Anis Mojgani.

Wonderful.  Just wonderful.  They had yummy, warm cider and tiki torches around the cabins.
The weather was crisp but not too cold.
The atmosphere was great.
Anis was amazing, as always.  I was glad that I could share his awesomeness with someone else this time.  My goal is to spread his name so that other people can enjoy his poetry like I do.  His words move me in a way that takes me out of my everyday mind.

Great day  :)

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