Day 252


Test tomorrow…should have studied more…

Day 251


I decided to go abstract tonight.  I really love the intense colors, and my camera.  I love the days when I can find some time to play around with it.  I always seem to get some interesting shots.

Day 250


Brr…icy rain tonight.  Not fun, but got some neat pics.

Day 249


Work kicked my butt today.  Made good money though, and ended the night with a chicken bowl from Chipolte.  Yum…

Day 248


Pretty relaxing day today.  I had lab in the morning, and the rest of the day for whatever.  Since it was Valentines day, I decided to hang out with Will and just relax. 

Even though he’s in pain from the surgery, we went out to dinner at ‘Cue.  He’s such a sweetheart.  :) ♡

I also had a mini photo shoot with the flowers he got me, and got this cool shot.  Still have a lot to learn though!

Day 247


Well, let me just say I have an amazing boyfriend.  Will had flowers sent to work today, and surprised me with some early valentine’s presents when I got home.


Day 246


Spent the day in a waiting room most of today.  Got caught up on some homework, but not near as much as I should have.

Day 245


Amazing clinical today!

I’ve realized that OB is not my “calling” area, but I did have a great day today.  I had a great nurse, I and was able to observe a circumcision and 2 c-sections. 

Very interesting.

I also got to do my first straight cath…  :)  Awkward, yes, but everything went well.

Day 244


Not much going on today.

Day 243


Tonight we went to open mic night at Eddie’s Attic.  It’s been so long since I’ve been, and we had a great time. 

Will heard Jackie Myers was playing, which was the reason we went, but come to find out Faye Webster played tonight as well.  Lots of fun as always.

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